Let us Scan Ourselves

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Kau lebih bela Jemaah berbanding Islam

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Kau masih ada karat jahiliyyah dihatimu tanpa usaha membuangnya

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Mutabaah ibadahmu sangat menyedihkan

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Ukhuwahmu hanya untuk kepentinganmu
bukan kepentingan Ummat

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Kau sering tinggal QIAMULLAIL
Bebanding mengamalkannya

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Berapa banyak ummat yang kau Ziarah?

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Kau sering menyalahkan orang lain berbanding diri sediri akibat lalai kerna tidak berdakwah

Katanya kau seorang Pejuang
Tapi masa rehatmu lebih banyak berbanding masa berdakwah

Katanya kau seorang pejuang.................

cREdit for Izzatul Islam_nisah- YM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Hidayatullah said...

thanx 4 the comment..but the goal and the most important thing i wanna make my blog is coz i wnna contribute some knwledges bout politics n give views bout misconception n misundrstanding bout certain matters in politics..if i want to dcorate my blog that was the 1st thng i've done b4.
i know by making interesting blog it would lead people to keep visiting my blog simultaneosly they will read my contents n that intresting blog also as a mean to me to encourage people to view my blog by assisting me to convey my messages. by the way thanx coz give me some ideas bout it n i'll make it step by step.
and bout the blogs that u proposed to me to explore for my political sources, i appreciate it n it was the great assist.
nway, thanx again n dn't forget also to visit my blog time to time,hi2..=)